Legal Help for Consumers

First, determine if your agent is a REALTOR®

Kentucky REALTORS® can only provide help if your real estate broker or salesperson is a member of our association. To verify that your agent is a REALTOR®, use the Find a REALTOR® Page to look them up by name.

If your agent is a REALTOR®

Once you have confirmed that your agent is a REALTOR®, you may begin the process of filing a complaint. Visit the "file a complaint" page to file an Ethics Complaint, submit a Request for Ombudsman Services, or file a Request for Arbitration.

If your agent is NOT a REALTOR®

If your agent is NOT a REALTOR®, you may confirm that they are a real estate licensee by using the License Verification Form on the website of the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC).  If the real estate licensee holds an active real estate license, you may file a complaint, (remember to have Form 701 notarized before you mail it in) or you can contact a private attorney via the Kentucky Bar Association at (502) 564-3795 and ask about the Bar Association's "Lawyer Locator" service.

Remember the first step

As a first step, we recommend you contact the real estate agent or their broker and make them aware of questions or concerns you have regarding the real estate transaction.  Give them an opportunity to address your concerns and if they are unable to do so, you can consider what action you will take.